Personal Energy Reading


Your personal energy reading links to your soul, and soul is just another word for the subconscious mind.  It is that part of us that stores beliefs created from our experiences (karmic patterns). It is these beliefs that prevent us from living to our full potential and becoming one with life, becoming robotic in our reactions, repeating old patterns and behaviours.


Your reading will help you to understand that which limits you, so  you can make conscious change. Our lives are only predestined by the beliefs we hold, and therefore all divination readings can only read your personal karmic pattern. Once we go beyond these beliefs we are able to live the dream, live to our full potential in all areas of our life and in all ways, true freedom ensues, you are free from your karmic patterns.


So if you are unsure where to start your SELF Empowerment Journey then begin here, begin to understand that which limits you and what you can do today to create change. 


Your Energy Reading is just the beginning of something that will change your life forever, self empowerment is the journey of the soul... Change your inner self, go beyond the fears and limitations and watch as your outer world changes with ease and grace. Once you have understood your karmic patterns through your energy reading the SEJ is the next step in releasing your soul.


Session are £45 for 1 hour and can be done face to face, phone or via the internet.