'Depression Free' Self Empowerment Workshop with Jacqueline


You can be depression free. Depression should not be something you 'manage' or learn to live with, why settle for that when you can be depression free.








'Depression Free' SEJ Workshops are available for you to access. 

What will you discover on the workshop...

1. I will speak about my own personal experiences with depression from the age of 14 to 28, and share with you how I've been depression free now for over 22 years

2. How Self harming and anxiety are often linked with depression and why

3. Being on medication

4. 'The new you begins today' - we will start the transformation to being depression free

5. You will learn the process that lead me to being depression free

6. Your personal next steps...

Where and When

Wolverhampton, Time 10 - 4 p.m. See calendar for next date.

Fee £65 per attendee

What makes me an expert in this field?


Personal Experience


Over twenty-two years ago I, the founder of the Self Empowerment Foundation battled with my final episode of depression and self harm, it ended 22 years ago but began at the tender age of 14. After the third depressive episode, I decided, somehow I had to change my life for the better, that I could no longer live this way.


More than twenty-two years has passed with no more episodes of depression or the urge to self harm.  So how did I do it? What did I realise that no therapist, healer, doctor or course could tell me? Through the workshop I will share with you how the SEJ process was developed from my experiences, how it changed my life, how it can change your life, and how easy the process is. All you need is the desire to live a better life.

Professional Experience


I have worked as a Self Empowerment Expert offering training and consultations, specialising in the field of mental health for over 20 years. Initially working with clients in a small practice, I quickly moved into running my own training facility and school. I then progressed into the corporate world dealing with stress in the workplace and in education working with children and young adults from primary through to secondary age. University students attend free Introductory Talks on the SEJ to support through often stressful times of studying and developing a sense of self.

What next?

Are you ready to be depression free? If so then don't wait, because waiting and doing nothing means nothing will change. There is nothing stopping you but you, all you have to do is complete the one day SEJ Depression Workshop and work the process. It's worked for me and countless amounts of adults, young people and children from all walks of life, and it can work for you too.





I have helped countless amounts of people to change their lives in just a few sessions and in one day workshops, you could be that person too. Here is just one testimonial:

"Jacqueline has undoubtedly helped me feel the most in control of my mind and mental health in my life. Her sessions were full of joy and really helped me cut straight to the core of why I carried out certain patterns of behaviour and thought. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on life again!"   H. Brown