Advanced SEJ Group Recordings

Group Meeting 14th December 2017:


Guided Meditation - 'Life taking care of it's Self"


Discussion was on practicing turning up to life every day.  What you are experiencing today is the work that you have put into life years ago.  Today is a manifestation of what went before, now you have to be open to it.  The only way to re-write it is in every moment ask 'what would love do here', so that you can draw the love out of the moment, because you have already written it.


Group Meeting 21st December 2017:


Reflecting / Sharing SEJ experiences of 2017


Each student gave their SEJ experiences / successes of 2017, inspiring each other and themselves by sharing their stories, re-connecting with the experiences through the year.


Group Meeting 9th January 2018:

Meditation theme:  "Relaxing into life" 


Group activities:  -  each person actively shared their experience of the meditation of being one with life, coming together in a sacred space and being able to touch that place within themselves whilst in a group energy. Having a teacher who can hold that light for them stopping them from getting lost.

Group Meeting 1st March 2018:

The Ripple Effect

The group interacted by doing a ripple effect exercise, which proved to be very powerful in illustrating the ripple effect we have on other people by the action we take in a positive/negative way, and asking/not asking the question 'what would love do here'.

Group Meeting 5th April 2018:

Sound Healing Meditation

On this group Jacqueline performs a powerful Sound Healing meditation that has a profound effect on most of the group, each one in turn expresses their experience of the meditation.

Group Meeting 13th June 2018:

In this Advanced Group we discussed:


1. Everything is Energy

2. Devi, her purpose and power

3. Teaching and Parenting tips

4. Meditation to connect with all of life - oneness

5. Speaking words with Intention, Devotion and Tone has power