There are moments in time, maybe when you sit to rest or meditate that you feel love, a deep sense of love. And you believe that this love has now descended upon you, that it is has found you. But this can never be true, for love, joy, peace, (please know these are onl...

Let me be in the joy of service

to love the one that is not me,

to give when i have nothing to give,

to give from the one that gives so completely

let me be the one in service

the one that sees the truth, 

the one that knows of service is

the one that lives the truth

let me be...

I often speak of the ‘deeper dimension within’, but I wonder how easy it is for you to touch this dimension when you are identified with the mind, caught up in your emotions and re-enacting the past through repetitive action.

When you don’t question your thoughts, you b...

From an early age we find ourselves searching for love, when we need something and are given it, we understand this to be love. We fall over and a parent gives us a hug and we feel better, so we learn the powerful limiting belief that others give us love and we feel be...

In the younger years of life, you may seek to find enjoyment for yourself, taking all that life has to offer and revelling in those experiences. In later years, especially if those later years bring to you the experience of loss, maybe the loss of a loved one; you may...

"You believe the experience which reinforces the belief, change the belief, change the experience"

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

I am not anxious, I am not depressed, I am not agoraphobic, I am not claustrophobic, I am not any of these. What I am is a person that believes I a...

What makes you happy? Is it the new car, the new relationship, wage increase? What makes you unhappy, is it the rain, the loss of a job, change...? So your happiness depends upon everything outside of you. Whatever is happening or not happening determines how you feel...

For many people meditation has become a way of quietening the mind, indeed you will find many teachers stating that this is the purpose of meditation. And indeed, when you meditate this can happen, however the opposite can happen also, it can be an opportunity for the...

Do you talk too much? Do you take unnecessary action?

These two aspects of life talking and acting, enable us to interact with the world around us; however, they can also cause us to miss opportunities, to feel drained and overwhelmed.

I have found that for me, I speak v...

You are not that which is created,

You are that which is un-created,

You are pure potential unlimited in nature.

And yet your attention is on that which is created, and the creation is what traps and limits you.

Here the created is your body, your mind, your emotions; and...

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