In my previous blog I talked about how the SEJ is like my running trainers, in that both of them only give you the results you are looking for if you use them. After writing this blog I began to think of why wasn’t I using the SEJ to remove limiting beliefs to live a h...

I’ve spoken before about limiting beliefs, our beliefs shape our world, it is how we view people, places, situations and events in our life. Some beliefs we think help us, some beliefs hinder us. (Here is link to future blog where I elaborate on this point further and...

April 9, 2019

In some of my earlier blogs I’ve mentioned limiting and positive beliefs, with the view that some beliefs are limiting and some can have a positive effect on your life. While this is true to a certain degree that some beliefs can be seen to have a positive impact on yo...

Our beliefs shape our world, it is how we view people, places, situations and events in our life. As the name suggests, limiting beliefs, limit us; these are the constantly repeating thoughts that we come to believe as truth – the “I’m not good enough”, “Why does this...


            All of us who have worked for someone, will at some time noticed your phone ringing with your boss’ phone number showing. Having worked in sales for many years myself it was always with a sense of mild dread as my boss would always wan...

I often speak of the ‘deeper dimension within’, but I wonder how easy it is for you to touch this dimension when you are identified with the mind, caught up in your emotions and re-enacting the past through repetitive action.

When you don’t question your thoughts, you b...

“If you decide a person is a certain way, you’ll experience them as such.”

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

Name changing

Recently I met a couple of people who had decided to change their names. One of these people is close to me and someone asked what I felt about it. At first,...


            I have built up an impressive collection of running trainers over the last couple of years and I wear them all the time as I find them comfortable. I think I must be up to at least 10 pairs now of expensive, super designed, an...

From an early age we find ourselves searching for love, when we need something and are given it, we understand this to be love. We fall over and a parent gives us a hug and we feel better, so we learn the powerful limiting belief that others give us love and we feel be...


 I was recently listening to an audio book and in this book the author was talking about the power of the human body. The author asked the question – “If you break your arm who fixes this for you?”. The author went on to explain that...

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