Meditation for Wellbeing

This event is open to beginners and advanced meditators alike, and non-religious in nature, where students and members choose the topic each week.

16th February 2019 - Subject - Meditation for Wellbeing

Topic Questions asked:

1)  "Why is it such a vital part of growth to stay connected to the source, i.e. Devi"?  -  Recording Time:  00:27

2)  "Choosing your path, do choose your teacher, speak to one teacher and follow the path through?"  -  Recording Time:  19:30

3)  "In relation to creator and creation, how do you work through a feeling and create and manifest something that is of the highest reality for

     everyone?"  -  Recording Time:  32:51 

18th May 2019 - Subject - Meditation for Wellbeing