Business Workshops

SEJ Introductory Workshop

This Introductory Workshop has been created to bring forth your personal and professional self empowerment. During the workshop you will gain an understanding of the SEJ process to use on self and within your business setting. Once learnt and practised you will overcome difficulties faced within your roles and business including in the areas of mental health and wellbeing.


Dates for the Workshops can be found on our events page.

To register for this event and to find out more about the SEJ, please see our Sign Up page.

SEJ Development Workshop

Building upon the Introductory Workshop you can attend these monthly events to refresh your knowledge, take your understanding of the SEJ deeper and practice the SEJ with Jacqueline.  

You will leave each workshop having moved further forward on your own unique self empowerment journey, as opportunities are given at each event for question and answer sessions with Jacqueline. In addition the audience guides the topics for discussion as this event is used to support in the use and application of the SEJ within your business setting.

If you are looking to further your understanding of the practices and principles of the SEJ process, time will be given to support you and other attendees.

If you are looking to take your knowledge deeper Jacqueline will always bring forth new knowledge about the SEJ, you will never leave disappointed.

Dates for the workshops can be found on our events page.

To register for this event, and to find out more about the SEJ please see our Sign Up page.


"The answer you have been looking and searching for is within you. I can, and will help you to find it. Although everyone’s journey to self empowerment is unique, my aim through these events is that you will become inspired to know you too have the power within to change your life forever, to become SELF Empowered.  

                                                              Jacqueline Mary Phillips