Inspired Parenting  


At the foundation we provide informal events where you can bring along your children, providing a space for you to find out how to be an inspired parent / carer. 


Speakers - Jacqueline Mary Phillips and Dr. Mariko Howard-Kishi


I have knowledge and expertise of children's behaviours and development through my experiences as a parent, and professional career working with children, both mainstream and special needs. Adding to this my knowledge and expertise of adult behaviours it was only natural for me to combine these two areas and put them into what is now known as 'Inspired Parenting' events.


I have a wonderful friend and colleague Dr. Mariko Howard-Kishi who is not only a most wonderful parent, but also a Senior University Lecturer, Pastoral Care and Parent Governor, and in her spare time volunteers at her local nursery.  Dr. Mariko many years ago studied in the SEJ and now successfully integrates this knowledge into all these areas. Dr. Mariko has spoken with me on some of our events. Please see testimonial on our Inspired Teaching page to see how the being 'inspired' changed her life as a parent, lecturer and all areas of her life, both personally and professionally.



Inspired Parenting Cafe Fee £7


Join us at the Cafe to learn how to be an Inspired Parent. We will discuss any one of the session topics given below dependent upon the group dynamics, whilst you enjoy a cup of tea / coffee and biscuits (included in the fee).  There will be time to chat and socialise with other parents as you join this group of inspired parents / carers.


Joining will give you both the opportunity to make new friends, empowering friendships, and learn powerful transformative skills as you chat with Jacqueline on any and all aspects of parenting.  It is a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and a must add to your diary.




Inspired Parenting Sessions Fee £10


Below is a list of the 2 hour session topics. You can choose which topics you would like to learn about.


Each session is run from a home setting so children are free to play and explore whilst I chat with parents and carers on the session topic, and provide observations.  If you wish to offer some or all of these sessions from your home, please contact us. Minimum 3 children - maximum 6 children.


Additional Inspired Parenting events come in the form of SEJ workshops for more formal adult training, please see our workshops page.    The sessions listed below can be given as a one day workshop for parents and carers or a seminar.



1. Trusting in your parenting intuition

2. Why is education not enought to lead a successful life?

3. Birth to 6 the most important years.

4. Understanding your child's unconscious inherited beliefs.

5. What can you do to create change in your child's behaviour?

6. What happens to your child every time they feel fear?

7. What can you learn from your carefree, happy child?

8. Why parents 'just want their child to be happy' but often teach them the opposite.

9. Why shouting and glaring at a child shows a parent / teacher in fear.

10.How to stop shouting and getting annoyed with behaviours and instead find peace with what is.