A Month of Mentoring - a bespoke service offered by Jacqueline

An opportunity to be mentored by Jacqueline over the period of one month. 


"I will be your inspirational guide for a period of 30 days. Our time together will consist of an initial consultation in order to understand your current situation, and formulate your Self Empowerment Journey (SEJ)™ Plan. Looking at all areas of your life, including your fears and limiting beliefs, I will guide and support you to change your fears and limitations forever over the 30 day period.


You can change your limitations and therefore your life within 30 days (shorter for some), to do so you will need to be dedicated and disciplined daily with your SEJ Plan over this period, so for this to work you must ask yourself are you truly ready to change your life? Are you ready to allow your True SELF to shine through?  Remember I can guide, and support you, but you must do the work, during the 30 day programme, and continue afterwards with your Next Step Plan.


Sometimes we all need that helping hand and this is why I am inspired to offer this service, and although yes only you can change your life forever, only you can do the work, to have the unconditional love, guidance and support during this time is perfection. I look forward to being in your Presence. Love Jacqueline"

When you undertake the mentoring programme you automatically qualify for a free 6 month Health and Wellbeing membership plan, and access to all services for free within that month.



Please contact me for more information or to book this service.