Our e-learning package is available for you to use straight away. 


You can complete the course at your own pace and pay as you go or fast track, for this reason fees can vary.  


All training is bespoke therefore you are best advised to contact me and I will seek to understand your current requirements and recommend a package to best suit you and your lifestyle.  This initial consultation is free of charge with no obligation, contact me today.


A bespoke training package which can combine any or all of the following:


1. On-line Webinars

2. On-line SEJ Groups

3. Materials via the Members Pages on the website

4. On-line one to one training and / or personal development


Once you have agreed your bespoke training you will be sent all relevant training information and student login information to access relevant training materials via the members pages.


The e-learning package is the equivalent of attending the SEJ workshop.


To begin simply contact me.  


Payment for training is £399 Thank you