SEJ Services

Not studied the SEJ?


Whether you have studied the SEJ or not you can access the following services to bring self empowerment into your life. One to One support with Jacqueline through an SEJ consultation, mentoring service, or join the live interactive SEJ Development Group.

I want to study the SEJ

The online training is free, access it now!



Studied the SEJ?


Once you have studied the SEJ you will find continued support is offered through the following groups and consultations.


SEJ Development Groups to support you in the use of the SEJ. A dedicated time for you to ask questions, to gain clarity, to be inspired in its use, and an opportunity to work with Jacqueline in applying the SEJ process in any area of your life.


One to One support with Jacqueline through a SEJ consultation or mentoring service.

Weekly Seminars - 'Get-togethers' to celebrate your SELF Empowerment and go deeper into and explore more all aspects of being Self empowered. 

Monthly Seminars provide an opportunity for you to understand the SEJ on a deeper level and work with Jacqueline in using the SEJ.

Join as a member and get numerous benefits to support you throughout and after your training ends.

Free Meditation Room - a consecrated space for you to simply sit and be open to transformation.

Linga Bhairavi Events - free events to support you on your journey towards SELF Empowerment