ATTAINMENT and WELLBEING go hand in hand.

“Children learn to manage their own feelings and reactions and to communicate in a way that is healthy. The transformation in children has in many cases - been remarkable!”


                                                                                          Deputy Head Teacher




As you know we are facing a mental health crisis in our classrooms. The growing number of children and young people, experiencing poor mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers today. Complex issues such as a lack of funding, availability of specially trained staff, and access to services such as CAHMS, to name just a few all amount to an uphill climb, a climb schools are consistently being asked to make.



We know as educators your focus is, and should be on educating the child, and we all know that a happy child is easier to educate. So how do we ensure a happy child in the classroom? This is where the SEJ comes in. The very basis of the SEJ training teaches that we cannot separate the emotions from the mind, nor the body, and indeed the spirit or the essence of the child (four bodies). Once this is understood we are left only with the question of how we manage these four bodies to ensure emotional and mental wellbeing, leading to attainment and the uniqueness of the child; reaching their full potential.


The SEJ is a process that is easily integrated into a teacher’s existing teaching style that supports not only the student but also how the teacher interacts with the student. Our simple, easy to use SEJ process provides immediate benefit and results in the moment. It has been used successfully within schools and universities, businesses, organisations, and healthcare for over 20 years.




  • A process that is integrated into a teacher’s existing teaching style

  • Simple and easy to use in the moment

  • Immediate results

  • Builds resilience in pupils

  • Helps promote Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health

  • Addresses the gaps in Mental Health support in schools – a preventative process

  • Support pupils who fall below the CAMHS threshold

  • Bespoke membership package from as little as £10 per month.


Bespoke membership with training packages to suit your education setting's needs and budget


Membership can include the following:

  • Training options online or SEJ Introductory Workshop event 

  • SEJ Development Workshop - members can attend this event for free every month

  • PSHE / Professional skills integrated teachings

  • Weekly SEJ Development Webinar - a development session to practice the SEJ process, Q & A to ask questions about your SEJ practice. 

  • Monthly Newsletter - updates on Legislation and how the SEJ can support. We'll not only research the legislation for you but also make sense of it showing how the SEJ can support in its application in your setting.CPD and SEJ Training Dates, News and Updates.

  • Closed WhatsApp - to give daily inspirational messages and flash updates on the SEJ process. Helps to keep your team motivated in the use of the SEJ

  • External training offered to your settings Parents / Carers / Partners -  offering an holistic approach so all connected to the student can attend the SEJ training.

  • Training is linked to the school and not individuals - No need to worry about changes in staff and retraining, your package takes care of this

  • We will train in your setting or at our training facility - your choice.

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“…an amazing, valuable and essential resource in supporting us with vulnerable pupils and enabling us to provide early intervention…, has enabled pupils to develop strategies and resilience to cope with issues that are causing anxiety in their emotional lives."

Primary School SENCo


"Despite our best efforts, sometimes it is hard for teachers to pinpoint what exactly has changed for a child and to understand the reason why they are not their usual self. Children do not always have the skills to understand and communicate to us why they feel different and why their behaviour has changed. Why they feel unhappy, withdrawn, anxious and tearful or angry or emotional. We turned to Jacqueline and have found her input invaluable. "

Deputy Head Teacher


"When I was first introduced to the idea of self- empowerment and its application in the school situation, I have to say I was a little sceptical; but as many children in my class had issues that didn't fit neatly into a pre-existing 'box', I was prepared to give it a go.

As a teacher with many years’ experience, it has been rewarding to be able to share my concerns that, 'something isn't quite right' and have someone with the knowledge and ability to change a child's school experience from bad to good.  Talking with, and learning from, Jacqueline has made me evaluate how I teach some children, helping me to help them.

Every school needs a Jacqueline in order to show teachers how to help children, for whom every day is difficult. If TAs are given just some of Jacqueline's knowledge, they will be able to help teachers support those children who can sometimes slip through the net."

Primary School Teacher