Free Introductory Talks - F.I.T. Events

Our Free Introductory Talks provide you with an opportunity to find out about the SEJ and what it can do for you / your setting. 


What can I expect at a F.I.T. Event?


During these events we will give a short presentation ‘Introducing the SEJ’. This will then be followed by a talk given by Jacqueline Mary Phillips, Founder of the Self Empowerment Journey – SEJ or a member of her team. The content will be relevant to the audience, we will finish with a Q & A session, where Jacqueline and / or her team will be happy to answer any questions.


Suggested Topics for F.I.T. Events


The SEJ and Mental Health

A general presentation on how the SEJ supports with positive mental health relevant to the audience.


The SEJ and Depression        

Looking specifically at the origin of the SEJ, Jacqueline’s personal experiences and how the SEJ has supported those with depression.


The SEJ in Education

Looking at how the SEJ can support students with their mental health, integrating the SEJ into the curriculum e.g. PHSE lessons or in Higher Education, Personal and Professional Skills.

The SEJ in Business

Whether you are a small or large business, the SEJ will support your team in working collaboratively, enthusiastically, enabling success to become a natural experience. Therefore at this F.I.T. event we will share how the SEJ can support any business in reaching their goals, vision, and realising their mission statement.


The SEJ and Health & Wellbeing

At these events we are happy to talk more generally about the SEJ and its impact upon health and wellbeing. We cover topics such as relationships, health concerns, financial worries, career choices etc. Truly whatever impacts upon a person’s wellbeing.


Bespoke F.I.T. Events


If you would like to hold an event that is not on our suggested topic list, simply contact us with your request and we will look to accommodate you.

How do I book a F.I.T. Event?


F.I.T. events can be held in any setting or via the internet for any audience. You can request an event here, or through your Area Representative. See ‘Suggested Topics’ above for ideas of the type of event that would best suit you / your settings needs.


View the calendar to see when and where our next F.I.T. Event is running.