Who is this event for?

Open to everyone.

The webinars provide a space and opportunity to work with Jacqueline and the SEJ Process. For those who have learnt the SEJ Process it is an opportunity to ask questions and develop your practice. 

Not yet learnt the SEJ?

If you have yet to learn the SEJ these webinars will provide you with an insight into the SEJ and how it can support in your self empowerment. You can ask questions about the SEJ process and practices, simply observe as other attendees are given the opportunity to do the SEJ, or dive right in and do the SEJ Process for yourself. Your FIRST WEBINAR IS FREE.


Every Monday evening 7.00 - 8.30 p.m. To join you will need to sign up via the contact form below.



Attendance fee is £21 per event





Student discount applies, fee is £6 per event








Student's can apply for funding where event fees are partially or fully covered. Contact Us to find out more.



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SEJ Development Webinar