Guided Parenting Consultations


Guided Parenting consultations enable you the parent / carer to seek guidance on child behavioural issues within the comfort of your own home.


Who are these consultations for?


For anyone that feels disempowered within their role as a parent / carer.  


If you find yourself shouting, glaring, threatening or controlling your child in order to gain control of a situation, even physically grabbing at your child through sheer frustration, then this is for you. 


These sessions are not about pointing the finger, they are very much about empowering the whole family. Being unified in approach to seek solutions and to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.


If you feel that your child has control, won't listen to you or their behaviour feels out of control.  Sometimes it just takes a keen eye of expertise and experience to point you in the right direction.  A one hour session can be life changing for all the family. 


What happens in a consultation?


I will simply observe the usual behaviour of child/ren and parent/s and make recommendations.  I will help you to see the long term outcomes of your current form of discipline and self-regulation and why change is essential to the wellbeing of all.  Once you have a full understanding of everyone's behaviours we will be begin to practise the recommendations.  It really is quite a simple process, with practise and a desire to make change keys to success.


Fees are £75 per hour with an additional hour at £40


See blog post 'Being and Empowered Parent' and 'You don't have the right to punish your child, you have the right to educate them' for more information.



£75 per hour

£115 for 2 hours