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Nov 23, 2019

9 - 10.30am

Meditation for Wellbeing

Our weekly meditation class is offered in 3 parts. The First Part is FREE to attend.  Each aspect is specifically and powerfully created to support your wellbeing and spiritual growth. The event is open to beginners and advanced meditators alike, and non-religious in nature. Classes can be attended via the internet if you are unable to attend in person.Find out more about our discounts for students and members.


SEJ Introductory Workshop

This workshop is for anyone looking to create lasting change in any or all areas of their life. During the event you will gain an understanding of the SEJ process and learn how to use it to create change. The process once learnt and practiced will enable you to overcome difficulties in all areas of your life i.e. money, career, health, etc. Your relationships will become easier and your life will run smoother.  

SEJ Development Webinar

During this event you will be able to ask questions on all aspects of the SEJ or ask for guidance on personal or professional areas of development unique to you. During the event you will be able to connect with others who are also on the same journey of Self Empowerment as each week a number of people are chosen to work with Jacqueline and the SEJ, so bring along whatever is not working for you in your life, whatever it may be: issues with health, money, relationships, career, more...


Meditation & Mantras - Free Event

An opportunity to experience the power of being in a consecrated space where we use mantras as a way to experience the stillness within. Non-religious, open to all. 

10.30am - 4.30pm

SEJ Development Workshop

This event is for those who have done the SEJ Introductory Workshop. The day will be spent practising the SEJ process with Q and A session. There will also be further insights into the SEJ relevant to the audiences current knowledge. This is a fabulous opportunity to ensure you understand fully the process, develop your knowledge, and use it to create everlasting change in all areas of your life.  Book early as spaces are limited.

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SEJ Introductory Workshop 2019


Dates                    Facilitators: Jacqueline Phillips


Jan 12th                    

Feb 16h                     

March 9th                 

April 6th                   

May 4th                   

June 1st                   

July 6th   

August  3rd                

Sept 14th                  

Oct 19th                     

Nov 2nd                    

Dec 7th                    



SEJ Development Workshop 2019   Facilitator: Jacqueline Phillips




Jan 5th                  

Feb 2nd

March 23rd              

April 13th                 

May 18th                  

June 15th                

July 20th 

August 10th                  

Sept 28th                    

Oct 26th                  

Nov 9th                  

Dec 14th