Jacqueline and the SEJ

I cannot separate myself from the SEJ as it was originally my own experiences of suffering that brought the SEJ into being. The SEJ evolved naturally through me as I woke up to life, and has since become a process that anyone and any profession can work with. This process has been developed and implemented successfully for professionals, individuals and corporations over the last twenty years.


My suffering began in my late twenties when I became severely depressed and diagnosed with PTSD, although looking back I realised that I had suffered with depression from the age of fourteen. It was in my late twenties when I had an awakening. Until this point as society would deem it, I had a perfect life. I was a professional business woman highly successful in my field, married to an equally successful businessman, we travelled, owned our own home, with an active social life and standing within the community. I appeared to have it all. After a car accident whilst at work life brought me to a standstill. I was left only with myself, and in this, the opportunity was given for me to 'wake up'. From that moment onwards depression for me became a thing of the past.

During this time I realised something so powerful, that it was not life or my past that was causing my suffering but only my thoughts about them. I was able to see clearly for the first time in my life, I was not completely free of suffering initially, but I could see how to end it. Instead of repeating negative patterns of behaviour and believing limiting thoughts about myself, life and others, I began to question everything and live life differently. This journey continues to this day, it's what the practise of the SEJ will do for you. It will wake you up to life, to what is truly happening right now rather than what you think is happening. You will be released from an identification with the mind that's so powerful, that you will move from who you think you are into an awareness of who you really are. 


As the founder of the SEJ I have only one purpose, and that is to share with all of humanity the joy of being. Life is meant to be a joyful and limitless experience. This opportunity was given to me, and today the same opportunity is being given to you.

SEJ Training

The simplicity of the SEJ is the key to its success, and so the training and implementation is also simple. Your only task is to stick to the process completely. Do not look to overcomplicate the training or seek more, but rather practice that which is given and let its power reveal itself to you personally and professionally. 

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"Jacqueline and the SEJ have undoubtedly helped me feel the most in control of my mind and mental health in my life. Her SEJ sessions were full of joy and really helped me cut straight to the core of why I carried out certain patterns of behaviour and thought. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on life again!"