Linga Bhairavi Events

All Events take place in the meditation room in the Presence of Linga Bhairavi. Here we offer a free space for you to experience the powerful energy and transformational Grace of the Devi. The space and services provided are non-religious and all are welcome. For more information on Linga Bhairavi go to:

Opening Times


Come and sit in this space at Amavasya and Pournami events. Advance booking is essential. Times for Amavasya and Pournami will be posted on the WhatsApp group and calendar. 

Booking is Essential


Booking in advance is essential for all services, to book you can either:


Join the Devi WhatsApp group to register for an event and receive regular updates and news. To join contact us and ensure to give us your mobile phone number, email and name. 


Equally you can simply send an email to reserve your place. 


You will receive confirmation of your booking, as spaces are limited; we register you on a first come first serve basis.

What is an Amavasya and Pournami Event?

Amavasya is a new moon day and Pournami full moon, these are times when there is a natural upsurge of energy. During Amavasya, those experiencing a sense of fear, loss or grief will especially benefit from attending.



A coconut or ripe lemon can be offered to the Devi on Amavasya and Pournami dates. At any other time of the month a person can offer sweets, flowers, deepam and other traditional offerings such as betel leaves, betel nuts, rice, Kumkum, sesame seeds or mustard seeds.

Give your offering to the volunteer in the Yantra room, he / she will offer it to the Devi for you.

                                                Linga Bhairavi

Seek her in Devotion
She is an ocean of Compassion

Seek her in Desperation
She is a steadfast Companion

Seek her in true Passion
You will be loved to Distraction

Just seek her in your Confusion
She will lead you to Fruition

Jai Bhairavi Devi

Love & Blessings