Meditation for Wellbeing

FREE Weekly ‘Meditation for Wellbeing’

Whether you are looking for freedom from mental or physical health issues, financial concerns, spiritual guidance, relationship problems, other? Then our free weekly meditation event, which is offered in 3 parts, each specifically and powerfully created to support your wellbeing and spiritual growth will help. The event is open to beginners and advanced meditators alike. Non-religious in nature these events can be attended in person or via the internet.

Our meditation space is free with donations accepted.

Part 1: Mantras and Meditation:

Mantra Meditation – Free Offering

In this part of the meditation there is a possibility to ‘increase your wellbeing, live life intensely, transcend the physical, and overcome obstacles for those on the spiritual path’, as given by Sadhguru the creator of our consecrated space. During this part of the meditation we recite powerful mantras. This is a free offering as guided by yogi and mystic Sadhguru.

SELF Empowerment Meditation – Donations Thank you

Part 2: SELF Empowerment Meditation:

The Mantra Meditation is followed by our SELF Empowerment Meditation, a gathering of people seeking to elevate the mind from worldly thoughts, into the realisation of a ‘True Self’. This process begins as meditators ask questions with the intention of expanding their awareness. Questions can be asked on any subject: money, life, depression, spirituality, relationships, stress, health etc.

Part 3: Socialise:


Our meditations are followed by an opportunity to socialise and connect with other likeminded people.


When and Where…

Every Saturday 9 -10.30 am    Venue: Self Empowerment Foundation, Heath Mill Close, Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV5 8EX.

Booking is essential. Call, text or email to book  Mobile: 07810026415


If you are out of area or unable to travel you can join via the internet.  



Meditation supports our University Students!


At the SEJ offices we are offering this donation based meditation event every Saturday to the general public. The event is open to everyone and you can join in person or via the internet.


This is part of our Education Fundraising Campaign to support all students in developing key skills when dealing with mental health. All proceeds go to students enabling them to access free support.

We are grateful for all donations made for this and our other services. You can donate via the website or onsite. Thank you.