Meditation Room

The foundation and it's sponsors, have created a free consecrated space, for you to experience deep and life changing meditative states, in the presence of the Linga Bhairavi Avigna Yantra. Our Linga (sometimes known as the Devi) is a powerful 'tool', a 'machine' as referred to by it's creator Sadhguru, to aid with transformation. And with no experience of meditation necessary simply come along at our opening times and visit us. The space and services offered are non-religious in nature and all are welcome. 

Visiting the Linga prior to attending a training event or other service

Before attending any service, consultation or training event we highly recommend that you spend some time in the meditation room. This space is energetically aligned to enhance your receptivity to the teachings, enabling you to take the appropriate actions necessary in creating change and experiencing inner transformation. Here's what one student had to say about working with the SEJ and Devi

"Since working with yourself, the SEJ and Devi I've noticed some huge life is so much happier, ordered, and I now have complete clarity on what I need to change in my “outside world” but more importantly exactly the steps I need to follow in my “Inside world” to become truly happy and live a joy filled life." 


For the full story and to find out more about the Linga Bhairavi Yantra visit the SEJ and Devi.

Services unique to the Devi

We also offer special services with the Devi. These events enable you to take full advantage of the natural upsurge of energy at times such as full, and new moon. For more information on these events and the Linga see our Linga Bhairavi Events page.