Mindfulness and the SEJ

What is mindfulness?

Deliberately placing our attention on current experiences allowing them to unfold with an open mind. Accepting the moment rather than thinking and worrying about the past or future, and projecting this into the present. Add to this the SEJ you can take the next step which releases the limiting beliefs (memory patterns) that take you away from the present moment.

The video below answers the question 'How does mindfulness compare to the SEJ?'


Why consider mindfulness through the SEJ for education, business, sports, you?

Mindfulness has been proven to bring wellbeing and health relieving stress, anxiety and depression in children and adults. In schools it brings more effective learning, and higher achievement levels, supporting the student in reaching their full potential. In business it is increasingly used to reduce stress and in sports to improve performance. Add to this the SEJ you can bring greater awareness, the ability to regulate emotions and find purpose and direction.

How can I access the SEJ?

Click on the menu bar relevant to your setting or service. Look under 'the SEJ' tab for information on the SEJ and training, finally look at the 'SEJ services' for personal or professional development.