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SEJ Events


SEJ Free Introductory Talk (FIT)

"The next upcoming SEJ Free Introductory Talk (FIT) will be held in Autumn 2018 at Kingston University campus. Dates and rooms will follow shortly. Hosted by Dr Mariko Howard-Kishi, you can hear how integrating the SEJ into her work has transformed her professional practice. There is also a fantastic opportunity to ask in depth questions to Jacqueline, the Creator of the SEJ. Watch this space!"

Monthly Seminars


A one day event to create self empowerment. Building upon the free online training you can attend these monthly events to refresh your knowledge, take your understanding of the SEJ deeper and practise the SEJ with Jacqueline.


Fee is £99.

Venue: Wolverhampton.

Dates for 2018

Saturday 27th January

Saturday 17th February

Saturday 17th March 

Saturday 21st April

Saturday 19th May

Saturday 16th June

Saturday 21st July

Saturday 25th August

Saturday 22nd September

Saturday 20th October

Saturday 17th November

Saturday 15th December

SEJ Advanced Group

This group is for advanced practitioners of the SEJ and qualified SEJ Consultants. Each weekly event will provide an opportunity to further your knowledge of the SEJ in particular working with the metaphysical aspects of the SEJ process. 

You can join via web event or onsite.



Fee is £20 

Venue: Wolverhampton



SEJ Development Group

The SEJ Development Groups are run weekly and provide an opportunity for you to practice all aspects of the SEJ, so you can see and experience results in your life. To ensure the SEJ becomes a practice not simply a theory.


Events run every Monday 7-8.30 p.m. Contact us to register for these groups.

Fee is £21.00 (become a member and receive discounts on this group and other services).


Bespoke SEJ Training


I appreciate that sometimes face to face training is a preferred option for some people. Therefore I am happy to offer training of the SEJ over one full day at a cost of £399. If you would like to partake of this service them simply contact me to arrange a suitable time and venue. 





Free Event (Donations accepted) Meditation and Mantras


These events are open to all regardless of faith and religion. The space gives you the opportunity to touch the Divine through the Grace of Devi, accessing that deeper dimension within, giving you freedom from earthly limitations. For more information on Linga Bhairavi go to:

For more information on Pournami and Amavasya go to:


Booking in advance is essential, you can join the WhatsApp group for free updates and to notify us of bookings. Times for Amavasya and Pournami will be found on the the home page. Contact us to volunteer for these events or to book your place.


Sadhguru says:

Linga Bhairavi

Seek her in Devotion
She is an ocean of Compassion

Seek her in Desperation
She is a steadfast Companion

Seek her in true Passion
You will be loved to Distraction

Just seek her in your Confusion
She will lead you to Fruition

Jai Bhairavi Devi

Love & Blessings


We are able to provide this service through the generosity of our volunteers, sponsors and your donations.  If you would like to contribute towards the providing of these events and services you can give a donation of any amount here or pay at the Centre. Thank you. 





To register your interest in attending any of our events please contact us.Thank you.

Pournami Dates

Saturday 31st March 

Sunday 29th April 

Tuesday 29th May 

Wednesday 27th June 

Friday 27th July 

Sunday 26th Aug. 

Monday 24th Sept. 

Wednesday 24th Oct. 

Thursday 22 Nov. 

Saturday 22 Dec. 

Amavasya Dates

Saturday17th March  

Sunday  15th April      

Tuesday 15th May      

Wednesday 13th June  

Thursday 12th July 

Saturday11th Aug. 

Sunday 9th Sept.  

Monday 8th Oct.  

Wednesday 7th Nov. 

Thursday 6th Dec.