Our Volunteers

Here's what some of our volunteers have to say about their experience of volunteering:


Dr. M. Howard-Kishi
Senior Lecturer Kingston University

Education Development Volunteer


"When we received the opportunity to volunteer at the SEF I jumped at the chance, thinking it's a good thing to do and to give something back. It was the best decision of my life.


Being a volunteer comes above and beyond yourself. So you will meet both your little self and your true self. It has been a journey of discovery in the true meaning of Service and LOVE and I realised that being a volunteer has been a gift. A gift of LOVE like no other, that if you grab it with both hands, with love in your heart and gratitude and joy in every cell of your being; it also spreads and touches others. It is a gift of LOVE that you have been given the Grace to share with others, that you would want to share with others.


IF you really want to know your True Self and live your life from Love, Joy and being part of something greater than your self then becoming a volunteer is the only way. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, I am truly grateful to the SEF, to Devi, to Jacqueline and all the other volunteers. Thank you so much.


I am grateful for this opportunity to say how much it means to be a volunteer and am glad to share it. 

With much love and deepest gratitude


Carol Ann Blakemore 

Personal Assistant Volunteer

"I have been volunteering for the Founder of the SEF for 13 years, it is so rewarding to be willing to help others, and offering my services gives me so much freedom. I absolutely love my job, and using the SEJ process has changed my life in so many ways.  I know as I volunteer my services, working alongside other volunteers, we have the same goal in life; making a difference to whosoever, and whatsoever we come into contact with.


Love and gratitude always."




Elliot Hughes

Business Development Volunteer

"Working as a volunteer at the Self Empowerment Foundation has given me the wonderful opportunity to give back to other people. Through volunteering I've discovered a real sense of purpose and the joy that comes with the simple process of giving ones time and skills to something other than myself.


Through my life I've learned skills and it has been a amazing gift to be able to use these skills, some that I didn't know that I had, to help other people."

Love Elliot