SEJ Development Webinars

The attendees on this webinar have been given the opportunity to clear any limiting beliefs preventing them from moving forward, whether this has manifested in the form of stress, financial concerns, or relationship problems... All they need is an awareness of what is not working in their life, to clear those blocks and limitations; to reach their full expression.

4th June 2018 - Webinar Subject - SEJ Development Group​

Questioned asked:

Wellbeing:   "I have money, but I'd like more"  -  Recording Time:  11:08

Wellbeing:   "I can't get away from my mind"  -  Recording Time:   25:57

                  "I can't find the thought"  -  Recording Time:  31:41

Career:        "How can I reactivate my emotional body?"  -  Recording Time:  44:46

Wellbeing:    "Why are we so hard on ourselves and not simply be love?"  -  Recording Time:  1:10:24

25th June 2018 - Webinar Subject:  Ask Your Questions​

Questions asked:

Relationship:             "How can I serve with more compassion, patience and tolerance?" -  Recording Time:  00:06

Spirituality/Career:    "I would like to ask about mirrors; some are 'easier' to spot than others. Is it to do with my awareness?" 

                               - Recording Time:  09:48 


Spirituality:                "Why is it as I study the SEJ it feels like I'm going deeper, what is this deeper I’m going into?  - 

                               Recording Time: 21:31


Spirituality:               "I had a 'Satori' moment when I wasn't doing anything in particular. Is this Grace?"  -  Recording Time: 39:15

11th July 2018 - Webinar Subject:  SEJ Weekly Seminar​

Questions asked:

Spirituality / Relationship:   "I don't want to step forward"

                                      "I am attacking, judging and justifying"  - Recording Time:  05:46

Spirituality / Wellbeing:    "It's more of a feeling than knowing the belief"  -  Recording Time:  42:59

23rd July 2018 - Webinar Subject:  - SEJ Development Group​

Questions asked:

Health:             "How can I best work with the SEJ with my recent health issues?"  -  Recording Time:  00:15

Relationship:     "How do I merge with the 'frozen' part of me that goes back to when my father died?"  -  Recording Time:  18:30

30th July 2018 - Webinar Subject: - SEJ Development Group

(The recording is interrupted from 07:34 - 12:20, but is clear for the rest of the recording)

Questions asked:

Spirituality:    "We've had several occasions to ask Ascended Masters questions.  Why is it we were too scared to ask questions when we

                    had the opportunity.  What are our blocks?"  -  Recorded Time: - 00:07

Spirituality:    "How do I start asking limitless questions?"  -  Recording Time: - 50:44

Spirituality:    "Why is it that we have 'limiting' thoughts but not 'limitless' thoughts?" - 53:45

10th September 2018 - Webinar Subject  - SEJ Development Group​

Questions asked:

Spirituallity / Wellbeing:      "Sometimes fear seems to get a strong hold of me, can you help me wth this please?"  - 

                                        Recording Time:  00:14

Career / Spirituallity:          "I have an idea of what I want to create, but its not coming together, can you help me please?"       

                                       Recording Time:  12:42

Relationship:                      "It's about a family member, they give me a 'look' and sometimes I can ignore it, but other times I am aware

                                       that there is a stirring inside and I start to feel defensive.  Please help me, what is that about?"  - 

                                       Recording Time:  49:41 

24th September 2018 - Webinar Subject - SEJ Development Group​

Questions asked:

Spirituality:                       "I was given this morning that my job is myself and my employer is the SEF.  I would like to know how does the

                                      SEJ help me to be more open to love, to receive everything in love?"  Recording Time:  00:15 

Spirituality/Relationships:    "I heard a conversation when I noticed that I started to make judgement about the person talking, but also

                                      spotted the 'mirrors' within the story.  Can you help with which do I do first the judgemental thought I'm having

                                      or cleaning the 'mirrors' that were spotted?"   -  Recording Time: 14:39 

15th October 2018 - Webinar Subject - SEJ Development Group

*There is a short period in the recording that is a bit glitchy (36:20 - 36:46) then it is clear.

Questions asked:

Relationships:                     "Can you help me to understand selflessness on a deeper level, so that I can begin to put others before myself?"

                                        Recording Time:  00:53

Wellbeing/Relationships:     "If I'm in a good mood, it's hard to do the SEJ as I don't want to think about bad things.  But I realise that my

                                        good mood is temporary, as the whole of my life is not fixed yet. How do I use the SEJ when I am in a good

                                        mood?" - Recording Time:  11:46

Health/Wellbeing:              "How can the SEJ be applied to an illness e.g. cold/flu?"  -  Recording Time: 31:11

Spirituality/Wellbeing:         "How can I apply the teaching 'Love comes from taking ownership of, responsibility for all I see and

                                        experience, accepting all and forgiving all' so I can grow please?"  -  Recording Time:  35:41

22nd October 2018 - Webinar Subject: -  SEJ Development Group​

Questions asked:

Spirituality/Wellbeing:           "In letting go of everything (me limiting beliefs), will it stop me from suffering?"  -  Recording Time:  00:07

Health/Wellbeing:                "How do I apply the SEJ when I have physical pain?"  -  Recording Time:  07:26

Wellbeing/Spirituality:           "I thought I had dealt with a limiting belief before but it feels like it has come back in a different thought. 

                                          Did I miss any of the SEJ steps or is it a different thought i.e. layers of the onion?"  -  Recording Time:  21:40 

29th October 2018 - Webinar Subject:  -  SEJ Development Group​

Questions asked:

Spirituality/Wellbeing:             "If my ego doesn't get the attention it's seeking will the attention it seeks fade away naturally or will it get

                                            more intense?"  -  Recording Time:  00:04

Spirituality/Wellbeing:             "May I ask you to expand on this mornings SEJ Buddies quote: 'The foundation of all your problems, your

                                            pain and suffering, is that you've made everything more important than you, the life that is you.' " 

                                            -  Recording Time:  06:38 

12th November 2018 - Webinar Subject: - SEJ Development Group


Questions asked:

Relationships/Wellbeing:           "How do I understand why I want to 'control' of my children when I want the best for them. I couldn't

                                              understand why they didn't want to take the opportunity. I just want to understand myself"  - 

                                              Recording Time:  00:10

Relationships/Wellbeing:           "I struggle with my diet and get down when I'm unsuccessful.  I've used the SEJ to say I am successful at

                                              diets and have been so, so it feels true, but I still fail."  -  Recording Time:  19:33

Career:                                   "This question is, as a consultant, I noticed with clients I jump around a lot with their beliefs. Is it better to

                                              stick to one belief and take it through to the end?"  -  Recording Time:  42:20

Spirituality:                              " I have put a thought through the SEJ process and have the same thought. Though it feels better at each

                                              step, it doesn't feel it has moved at step 4. How  do I go further into step 4 please?"  - 

                                              Recording Time:  49:08

Wellbeing/Spirituality:              "How can I take responsibility for things that I have not taken responsibility for? Can you help me to

                                             understand about 'taking responsibility' more please?"  -  Recording Time:  51:56

19th November 2018 - Webinar Subject:  -  SEJ Development Group​

Questions asked:

Spirituality:                               "I realised, that I missed the opportunity to connect with someone at 'God's timing' rather than 'my timing'

                                              can we explore more about that please?"  -  Recording Time:  00:08


Spirituality:                               "Can you explain further, this mornings SEJ Buddies' quote, in particular the last sentence please? The

                                              quote is: 'I cannot exclude anyone from anything. They exclude themselves. Just as you exclude yourself

                                              from abundance, joy, happiness so you exclude yourself from people. The question is why would you

                                              separate yourself?' -  Recording Time:  03:07

26th November 2018 - Webinar Subject:  -  SEJ Development Webinar​


Questions asked:

Spirituality / Career:                    "My thought was 'I've done it again, another opportunity missed to be true and honest with myself."

                                                 Recording Time:  00:07 


Spirituality / Relationship /           "I'm creating what I would call 'mistakes’ with another person. I want to dissolve any underlying beliefs to

Wellbeing                                   stop it happening again. Can you help please? "  -  Recording Time:  20:42

3rd December 2018 - Webinar Subject - SEJ Development Webinar​

Questions asked:

Spirituality / Relationship:               "If I have a closed heart, can you help me to understand why I have a closed heart please?"  -  

                                                  Recording Time:  00:04


Spirituality / Career:                     "Can you please explain what is the difference between manifesting e.g. a car park space to

                                                  manifesting some money; is it to do with desire or limiting beliefs in money?"  -  Recording

                                                  Time:  05:11 

17th December 2018 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar​

Questions asked:

Spirituality / Wellbeing:         "How will the SEJ help me to stay present?"  -  Recording Time:  -  00:05

Spirituality / Wellbeing:         "Will the SEJ help me break the habit of excessive thinking?"  -  Recording Time:  -  07:12

Relationship / Spirituality:       "I want to understand how I can grow with being in Authentic self in the situation when I felt disconnect

                                          between my True self and the people I was in conversation with. I want to connect in True sense."  - 

                                          Recording Time:  -  18:56

Spirituality / Career:             ""How do I connect the Inner purpose e.g. enlightenment to the Outer purpose e g. career?"  -

                                          Recording Time:32:23

7th January 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Career / Spirituality:             "I have an important meeting tomorrow and have a number of beliefs.  One is 'I want to stay Present but not

                                          sure if I can do that."  -  Recording Time:  00:04


Spirituality:                           "Who is doing the SEJ?"  -  Recording Time:  13:01

14th January 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Relationship / Spirituality:          "What is 'trust' in relation to the SEJ Buddies quote about not trusting anyone when people are coming from

                                             their mind?  I want to explore deeper meaning of trust"  -  Recording Time:  00:04

Relationship / Spirituality:          "Can you help me to clean on someone when they are speaking of negative things? I know that is my

                                             responsibility100%"  -  Recording Time:  12:18


Relationship / Spirituality:          "How do I stay true to myself when I can feel myself slowly getting drawn into situations?"  - 

                                             Recording Time:  22:54

Spirituality:                              "I want to explore what happens after death?"  -  Recording Time:  33:10

28th January 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar​

Question asked:

Spirituality:                               "Can you explain Step 3 SELF Confidence in detail please?"  -  Recording Time:  00:06

11th February 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar 

Questions asked:

Spirituality / Relationships:        "My limiting thought is 'I have to do this and I have to do that to please others' can you help with the SEJ

                                            process please ?"  -  Recording Time: 00:03

Relationships / Spirituality:        "Why is it easier to spot limiting beliefs in others?" - Recording Time:  18:04

Relationships / Spirituality:        " How do I respond to other people whilst doing the SEJ process?" - Recording Time;  24:55

Spirituality:                             " Should I be 'confrontational' with my ego, or is it 'ok' at this moment as it is a process that enables me to

                                             see the Truth?" - Recording Time:  29:12

18th February 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Spirituality:                    "Reviewing from last week's webinar about going deeper with the SEJ process, I am scared to face my fears. Was

                                    I going deeper or was it my ego tricking me? "   -  Recording Time:  00:10


Spirituality:                    "I wanted to go deeper with the feeling of fear as mentioned in your blog on 'I am too afraid to live' but I got so

                                   far and hit a block, how can I go deeper please?"   -  Recording Time:   11:16

25th February 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Relationships / Spirituality:  "How do I have a conscious friendship with someone?"  -  Recording Time:  00:04

Relationships / Spirituality:  "I have realised through doing the SEJ process that I don't have a real sense of 'humility'. The 2 women that I

                                      aspire to, Mother Theresa and Marie Curie both have that. I would like to know how to grow in being humble

                                      and have humility in all that I do, please?"  -  Recording Time:  14:24

Spirituality:                       "I feel I am focusing on the future to deal with an unhappy present, so I am avoiding doing the SEJ? Can you

                                      help me with this please?"  -  Recording Time:  28:09

11th March 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Relationship / Career  -      "Can you help me with the belief 'I get all tongue tied when speaking to someone important'? "  - 

                                       Recording Time:  00:05

Relationship / Spirituality -   "Can you explain this mornings SEJ Buddies quote' I trust no one (whilst their mind rules them), but life, life I trust

                                       completely please?"  -  Recording Time:  13:15

Spirituality  -                      "Can you explain the mirrors at step 3 of the SEJ process please?"  -  Recording Time:  42:46

18th March 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar​ 

Questions asked:

Spirituality: -                      "I have a Self Regulation that resonates as truth but the feelings are not at the higher emotional scale, can you

                                       help me with this please?"  -  Recording Time:  00:09

Spirituality:  -                     "Can you explain the purpose of the mirrors at step 3 of the SEJ Process please?"  -  Recording Time:  16:23

Spirituality:  -                     "Could you explain the Answered Question 'How does a desire turn to fear when the desire shows up?'"  - 

                                       Recording Time:  25:13

25th March 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Spirituality:        "Can you help me to understand the connection on setting intention and following the inspiration please?"   - 

                        Recording Time: 00:06

Health:             "I have been told of someone's illness, can I use the SEJ to keep up/raise the vibration of that news? I know the work is on

                        me" - Recording Time:  14:09

1st April 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Career:                    "I've done something wrong' has come up again. Is that because I've not gone deeper enough into the new story?"  -  

                               Recording Time:  00:05

Career:                    "I have hit upon an underlying belief of 'I'm important' but feel I have only touched the surface at step 2. Can you help

                               me to go deeper with this please?"  -  Recording Time:  07:19

Career / Wellbeing:  “Why am I so scared to take action?"  -  Recording Time:  51:42

15th April 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Career / Relationships:      "Why do I have the need to apologise? I have sat with this but I would like to explore it further

                                                        please if I may."  -  Recording Time:  00:04



Wellbeing / Career / Relationships:      "I have a core belief of 'I know everything'. Can you help with it please?" -  Recording Time: 28:50

29th April 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

*This recording is a bit glitchy at the beginning between 00:05 to 00:37 and then is clear.

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:             "Can we continue to work on my fear? I find it easier to put fear down when I meditate in the morning, but not so when

                             it comes up during the day. I am struggling with this."  -  Recording Time:00:05

Wellbeing:             "I did the SEJ process earlier and also on the way home when I had a strong thought  'All my stories feel ridiculous'

                             which stopped me. I would like to put that through the SEJ and also what was it about? "  -  Recording Time:44:01

6th May 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:                          "I would like to explore 'mirrors' in step 3 please".  -  Recording Time:   00:04

Relationships / Wellbeing:     "If there is something playing out in my life on a regular basis, is that a limiting belief that I have not dissolved

                                          for myself and others in the situation?"  -  Recording Time:  36:02

13th May 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Career:             "I've sat with my fear of responsibility and I can't tell if it's the fear of the unknown as I've always shirked

                                          responsibility or something different?"  - Recording Time:  00:03

Finance:                              "I would like help with finances please. I have put it through ages ago but it hasn't cleared. I'm struggling with

                                          step 2."  -  Recording Time:  21:49

Relationships:                       "I would like to work on patience, the only thing I'm patient with are my cats, why is that?"  -  

                                          Recording Time:  35:40

Wellbeing:                          "I have this thought that pops up from time to time, 'what have I done?' Does this mean that I have not really

                                         cleared it through the SEJ process?"  -  Recording Time:  47:47

20th May 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Relationships:      "I would like support in addressing a thought 'I am scared of being honest' please?"  - 

                                           Recording Time: 00:04

Wellbeing:                           "May I work on 'I have nothing to work on' please?"  -  Recording Time:  34:29

Wellbeing:                           "Could we explore not completing tasks?"  -  Recording Time:  42:03

27th May 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Career:              "Last week I really felt I touched the Truth 'I am not scared of being True', yet this week I was not being 

                                           honest.  I would like to clarify why this has happened please.  Is there another belief?"

                                           Recording Time:  00:10

10th June 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Relationships:        "I have a belief that 'I do not listen to what's been said' and I am not being honest about it with myself and

                                             others."   -   Recording Time:  00:05

Wellbeing:                             "When I did the SEJ process on 'It's difficult to let go of the identification with i ', it struck me that

                                            'identification with i' is also a belief. I would like to explore that more deeply please."  - 

                                             Recording Time:  27:26

17th June 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar - During this session you will find an example of 'peeling the onion' going through the

                                     layers of thoughts to find the core belief to put through the SEJ process. 

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Health:                "I would like to ask how do we use the SEJ process to release a physical sensation please?"  -  

                                             Recording Time:  00:07

Wellbeing / Career:                "I would like to explore a block around my work. I've worked on some thoughts but one 'I don't want to do

                                             this' is causing me some confusion.”  -  Recording Time:  15:44

24th June 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar  -  There is a short period of internet interference between 17:23 - 19:00 then it

                                                                             is clear.

Questions asked:




Wellbeing / Relationships:          "I would like your help, this has come up a couple of times, 'Oh here she goes again, what can I say to her?'

                                               Thank you"  -  Recording Time:  00:05

Wellbeing / Career:                  "I have come to the realisation that 'I too don't like being told what to do' I know it's the little 'i' but I'm not

                                               making any progress with thought believed. Could I work on it please? "  -  Recording Time:  13:50

Wellbeing / Career /                " I would like to work on a realisation that 'I am selfish' it struck me how true that was. I felt 'happy' with that

Relationships:                              can you help me explore this please?"  -  Recording Time:  23:56

1st July 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar  -  'when the SEJ becomes abusive'

8th July 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Relationships:                              "I am struggling to stick with the 21 days practice of the SEJ process, I can never seem to stick with it, trying

                                                 to think positive just isn’t working. -  Recording Time:  00:03

15th July 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Wellbeing / Career:                     "I would like an opportunity to work on a thought I had 'I am not enough' please.  - Recording Time: 00:05

22nd July 2019 - Subject -  SEJ Development Webinar

An example of the SEJ Process using all 4 bodies in the area of relationships, and taking personal responsibility.

29th July 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar - Audience Questions relating to the Vibrational Emotional Scale

Question asked:

Wellbeing / Career:                    "Can I ask 'How do I hold onto a vision received and keep at high vibration using the SEJ process please?' "

                                                 Recording Time:  00:04

Wellbeing / Relationships:            "I'd like to work with 'I'm lonely' - I've tried working this through the SEJ but I'm not sure that it really is the

                                                 belief that is causing dysfunction, and that it may be something below this..."  -  Recording Time: 16:27

5th August 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar  -  'There are small patches where the recording is slightly glitchy, but sound is clear

                                                                               enough to hear the words spoken.'

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:                                  "Would you recommend I write on the SEJ worksheet each time I do the process, so I can spot the mirror? "

                                                  Recording Time:  00:05

Wellbeing / Relationships:             "I have acted in ways that are unacceptable.  I felt I had dealt with the thought believed though clearly not.

                                                  I would like the opportunity to clear core issue please?' -  Recording Time:  03:51

Wellbeing:                                   "Please could I ask you to explain on a deeper level your quote today about unobserved mind and

                                                   emotions, thank you" -  Recording Time: 32:52

12th August 2019 - Subject  - SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Wellbeing:                                    "Can I work on 'I don't want to keep bringing problems, it's so depressing' please"  - 

                                                    Recording Time: 00:06

18th August 2019 - Subject  - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:                                    "May I ask for support in identifying ‘mirrors’ at step 3 please?  -  Recording Time:  00:05

Wellbeing / Health:                       " I need help to sit with the feelings instead of comfort eating, as I'm in a cycle and I can't break it"  -  

                                                    Recording Time:  27:38

23rd September 2019 - Subject  - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:                                    "Can I ask about mirrors please? Is it about owning and taking responsibility; then how do I anchor the

                                                    Truth/realisation from the mirrors noted?"  -  Recording Time:  00:10

Wellbeing / Relationships:               "It's a question about mirrors.I'm happy with the rest of the process but I just wanted some advice around a

                                                    quick point."  -  Recording Time:  16:24

30th September 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar


Questions asked:


Wellbeing / Career:                         A student asks about the SEJ process when done reflectively. Find out how the mind will over complicate

                                                     a situation, and how to stop becoming stagnant when using the SEJ.  -  Recording Time: 00:04

Wellbeing / Relationships:                 "Could you help me with 'why don't I always listen to what I'm being told?'  -  Recording Time:  26:41

7th October 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Wellbeing / Relationship:                    "My partner is moving away. I can't see any positive in the situation. I'm not open and I don't know

                                                       what to do."  -  Recording Time:  00:04

14th October 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Wellbeing / Health:                            "How do I apply the SEJ Process with physical pain? Do I put thoughts about it e.g. 'It hurts'  through the

                                                        process?"  -  Recording Time:  00:04

21st October 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing / Health:                             "It's around addiction e.g. smoking/drinking. If I meditate morning and night and do the SEJ, could I

                                                         keep my energy high? What is the best way to overcome these addictions?" - Recording Time: 00:04

Wellbeing / Finance:                           "I had received the same thought at step 2 as at step1 i.e. 'I dont have enough money'. How do I go

                                                        deeper with this at step 3 please?"   -  Recording Time:  46:13

28th October 2019  -  Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Wellbeing:                                          "How do I stop my thoughts coming in while doing the SEJ process particularly at step 3 in writing the

                                                         evidence? Is it to do with sticking to the process?"  -  Recording Time:  02:31

4th November 2019  -  Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Victim Consciousness:                            "An example of destructive thoughts centred around the false self which cause loss and suffering."

                                                          Recording Time: 00:06

18th November 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Wellbeing:                                          "If I just realised that all my 'stories' are lies, do I put that thought through the SEJ?'  -  

                                                          Recording Time:  00:07  

9th December 2019 - Subject  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Question asked:

Relationships:                                        "What is the underlying thoughts when I'm being with others and lose focus, at best I think its boring,

                                                           at other times I drift off...'  -  Recording Time:  00:14

16th December 2019  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Finance / Wellbeing:                             "My question is around money. I put it through the SEJ process but I get the feeling it is just surface

                                                           stuff. I feel there is still underlying beliefs about feeling safe."  -  Recording Time:  00:05

Wellbeing:                                            " At step 2 I still had strong emotional pull I struggled. Do you have any suggestions please? I did

                                                           finish the process afterwards..."  -  Recording Time:  27:24

23rd December 2019  -  SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:                                             "May I ask how I can make the best use of the tips from the SEJ Training Worksheet please?"  -

                                                            Recording Time:  00:03

Wellbeing / Career:                                "Could you help me work through 'it's my responsibility' and to see the blessing in it?"  -  

                                                             Recording Time:  08:27

27th January 2020 - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Wellbeing:                                              "With a busy mind I find it hard to sleep, am I not using the SEJ enough during the day"  -  

                                                              Recording Time:  00:05

Wellbeing:                                              'An example of over thinking the SEJ at Step 1'  -  Recording Time:  14:55

Wellbeing / Career:                                 'A student does the SEJ whilst observing the webinar on the belief ‘I’m going to damage the SEJ ‘

                                                              Recording Time:  28:33