SEJ Development Webinars

On these webinars the participants are given an opportunity to clear any blocks or limiting beliefs preventing them from moving forward. They can ask questions about the SEJ process, how it works and what it can do for them. Whether they've learnt the SEJ process or not, all they need to attend is an awareness of what's not working in their life, and together they can clear those blocks and limitations; so their life can reach its full expression. 

28th January 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar​

Question asked:

Spirituality:                               "Can you explain Step 3 SELF Confidence in detail please?"  -  Recording Time:  00:06 

11th February 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar 

Questions asked:

Spirituality / Relationships:        "My limiting thought is 'I have to do this and I have to do that to please others' can you help with the SEJ process

                                            please ?"  -  Recording Time: 00:03

Relationships / Spirituality:        "Why is it easier to spot limiting beliefs in others?" - Recording Time:  18:04

Relationships / Spirituality:        " How do I respond to other people whilst doing the SEJ process?" - Recording Time;  24:55

Spirituality:                             " Should I be 'confrontational' with my ego, or is it 'ok' at this moment as it is a process that enables me to see the

                                             Truth?" - Recording Time:  29:12 

25th February 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar

Questions asked:

Relationships / Spirituality:  "How do I have a conscious friendship with someone?"  -  Recording Time:  00:04

Relationships / Spirituality:  "I have realised through doing the SEJ process that I don't have a real sense of 'humility'. The 2 women that I aspire to,

                                      Mother Theresa and Marie Curie both have that. I would like to know how to grow in being humble and have

                                      humility in all that I do, please?"  -  Recording Time:  14:24

Spirituality:                       "I feel I am focusing on the future to deal with an unhappy present, so I am avoiding doing the SEJ? Can you help me

                                      with this please?"  -  Recording Time:  28:09 

6th May 2019 - Subject - SEJ Development Webinar