Join me on a Self Empowerment Journey - SEJ Workshop


"You are the answer you have always been looking for. 

You need look no further than the power that lies within you,

the SEJ teaches you how to access this power."                                                                                                      

                                                                             Jacqueline Mary Phillips


The answer you have been looking and searching for is within you. I can, and will help you to find it, and athough everyone’s journey to self empowerment is unique my aim through the seminars and workshops is that you will become inspired to know you too have the power within to change your life forever, to become SELF Empowered.

SEJ Seminars









Seminars are a wonderful opportunity for you to gain an understanding of the truth about life, health, wellbeing, purpose, relationships, money and much more.  


There are 3 seminars to choose from and during the events I will give you a deep insight and awareness of Truth, the truth that you have been searching for.  


I will show you how the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourSELF.








Seminar One


This Seminar walks you through the 'Self Empowerment Journey - My Lesson in Love' pocket book and my own journey to SELF empowerment. Each attendee receives a copy of the SEJ book which will be referenced throughout the event. When referencing the book I speak openly about my own life and the book's message. I offer a deep and profound understanding of the SEJ through my own experiences, which in turn can help you. I share with you how I was able to hear my intuition guiding me back to my True Self. The journey I went on to come into alignment with my True Self, and how that journey continues. I show how the teachings and practices of the SEJ moved me from self-hatred, self-harm and self-abuse to self-empowerment. What got me there, the ups and downs of the journey, the pitfalls and the revelations.


Seminar Two


This Seminar will cause you to question your beliefs about life, your limited perceptions as you look at areas of health, wealth and happiness. During the event I will bring to your awareness the true understanding of how you have the power within you to create either your heaven or hell on earth.  That you have the power within you to change your life forever, going beyond limitations into the realisation that you are unlimited.  


During the seminars audience members can bring light to their own life experiences, ask questions to gain understanding, and receive resolution on any area of life.


Seminar Three


If you are looking for a more bespoke seminar then please ask, I can provide seminars on all areas of wellbeing, here are some key areas that may grab your attention or the attention of your clients: health issues, depression, anxiety, finances, purpose and direction, inspired parenting. 


Interested in running or attending an event?


You can run an event anywhere, your home, or hire a hotel.  Whether you are a small group of friends, parents / carers, corporate, a therapy / holistic centre, or other... you can bring self empowerment to your door.


So anyone looking to offer any of the events at your venue please contact me for an initial chat about your requirements. Thank you.


If you would like to be kept updated with up and coming events please ask to join the mailing list.  Thank you.