Depression and Anxiety:  "Jacqueline and the SEJ have undoubtedly helped me feel the most in control of my mind and mental health in my life. Her SEJ sessions were full of joy and really helped me cut straight to the core of why I carried out certain patterns of behaviour and thought. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on life again!" 

Lack of Purpose: "The SEJ takes you away from fear, drama and self hate into a place of simple straight forward personal problem solving. The only scary / difficult thing is that it is so simple. From a world of negativity, darkness, and hate, repeating bad behaviours and pain, you can and will change your life forever."

Improved Relationships: "It's a great gift I have given to myself and through the SEJ I have given to others".


"When you have learnt the SEJ and you used it to help a situation / person the outcome is always positive. A 'win-win' is always possible". 


Career: "When used with others they never know they've been SEJ'd, they just feel heard and helped."


Success: "Its simplicity and effectiveness in the moment is the key to success."


More Peace: "The SEJ was for me the journey of a lifetime, it truly changed my life forever, thank you."


Feeling Empowered: "As the title states, you will begin a journey of self empowerment. Anyone and everyone can learn how to use the SEJ. Once learnt, you can apply it in your home or in your profession.

There are three levels to the SEJ:

1. Learn how to use this simple tool for your own personal development

2. Take the SEJ into your business / profession to help others in your company / your clients / customers.

3. Teach the SEJ"










What People Say about the SEJ

"The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with your SELF".  


Jacqueline Mary Phillips

People who use the SEJ as a continued practice say: