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We know as a business your focus is and should be on realising your vision, being successful; whether that for you includes productivity, service, profit, growth, or something else. What we all know is that success can only be achieved if you as employers, and your employees are happy, because a happy business is a successful business. And 'happy people are our business'.  To ensure this success we have the SEJ.



The SEJ is a process that is easily integrated into you and your company’s day to day working practice, which supports not only the individual using the SEJ but everyone they come into contact with. Our simple, easy to use SEJ process provides immediate benefit and results in the moment. It has been used successfully with people from all walks of life, all industries for over 20 years, this is why happy people are our business!




  1. A process that is integrated into all job roles and functions

  2. Simple and easy to use in the moment

  3. Immediate results

  4. Happy workforce

  5. Builds resilience in staff

  6. Combats Stress in the Workplace

  7. Reduce staff turnover

  8. Helps promote Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health

  9. Address the need for Mental Health support in business

  10. Enhances productivity and service

  11. A bespoke Corporate Package to meet your businesses needs


Bespoke Corporate Packages

  1. SEJ Introductory Workshop - A given number of staff members per company can attend this event for free every month whilst a member

  2. SEJ Development Workshop - A given number of staff members of staff per company every month whilst a member

  3. Option to have training offsite or onsite at your premises

  4. Free weekly SEJ Development Webinar

  5. Monthly Newsletter

  6. Online Resources

  7. Family discounts age 18 and over, can attend SEJ training at a reduced fee

  8. Training is linked to the company and not individuals

  9. Opportunity to sponsor an educational setting

  10. Contact us for costs

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