New Year New life?


So this is the time of year when everyone gets ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new, and they do this by repeating old patterns of getting drunk and falling over! But no seriously, there is nothing wrong in celebrating and welcoming in the New Year, but maybe we could question the repeat patterns of behaviour that keep us repeating the same limiting experiences year after year. 


Really all that anybody wants is to be happy, and as a child if you were blessed with a loving family they would have said that all they ever wanted for their children was for them to be happy. So what went wrong? Is it really so difficult to be happy?


Well you would think so when so many people spend most of their time chasing life through careers, relationships, possessions and money; all in the pursuit of happiness. And should they be lucky enough to get it, they find loss appears in some other form and unhappiness shows itself again. This then leads a fearful person to try and control life, and make it deliver happiness to them, something that can never happen from a place of fear.


The truth is the only thing standing in the way of your own happiness is you. Yes YOU. Not the friend who betrayed you, or the family member who let you down, not even the boss who promised you progression as you sit in the same 'unhappy job'. This is the true celebration, that the power to change your life is within you.


So I am not for a minute saying that these are not situations that require your attention, and action, but the attention they require is not that of the ego mind, that only has the capacity to view life from the past and project it into the future. No these situations need your attention from a deeper place within, a place from which conscious living and intuitive action creates life changing situations.


So if you keep repeating, or find yourself unable to step away from the negative mind-set then maybe it's time to try the SEJ and take full responsibility for your life, today and every day. Look at the testimonials and see how the SEJ has created ever lasting change for those who were ready. And if you're ready then email me today and sign up for our next workshop.


With love and blessings for a life changing 2017. Happy New Year.

Jacqueline x




"Jacqueline has undoubtedly helped me feel the most in control of my mind and mental health in my life. Her sessions were full of joy and really helped me cut straight to the core of why I carried out certain patterns of behaviour and thought. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on life again!" H. Brown


Quotes from some participants on the SEJ Workshop


"You know, my first feeling when you asked about thinking about ‘being happy all the time’  was ‘scared, fearful’ which I brushed aside as ‘not right’ I now know not to ignore that. I guess I wanted to answer ‘right’ rather than authentic; the SEJ will show you how safe and authentic your true nature is and yes indeed Love is all there is, as  that is our true nature."


"I felt the difference already on Saturday morning (and continue to feel that) and seeing how others hold their beliefs in subtle (yet quiet obvious to others) ways was eye opening and I am grateful to others for being willing to share that with all of us. Thank you again for supporting us and assisting us in our journey of Self Empowerment; (with Webinars and Development Groups). I am sure many others will see and notice the difference and wish to make life changing decisions by embarking on the SEJ. Thank you so much."       Dr. Mariko Howard-Kishi


“Freedom Forever Is my Choice”


"The SEJ Training for me truly bought forward the simplicity of the SEJ, I have done other SEJ Trainings with Jacqueline for some time now, and she has always said “it is that simple” with just 1 day training and practising the SEJ for home work on the first night I was able to remove one of my beliefs of physical body pain that has been with me for two years now, and in going through the story found out that this belief had gone back two generations which I was still carrying out.  In doing the SEJ on my beliefs I havefreed myself of this pain, that simple. I now continue to prove to myself that I can now choose to be free forever, and that I have always had this choice but did not know how."  Mrs Blakemore


"My husband and I have attended a few SEJ courses with amazing results, we can truly say that it has changed our lives forever, there is no going back once you've been SEJ'd. We would recommend anyone who is looking to make change in any area of their life. This is the answer you've been looking for so go for it...." Nicky  and Mark

Business review

"We introduced the SEJ within our business with the aim to be more productive without having to be at work all the time! We are amazed with the results, we spend less time at work and earn more money . The SEJ taught us not to follow what you think you have to do with your company, regarding staff, and all work matters! It's about your inspiration and following what brings you the most joy, it always produces a win win for all. A must for a company who wants more time and money, with a balanced life." The Mark Butler Golf Academy


The SEJ brings shifts in awareness, it is by it's nature not a course you take just once, but you keep on keeping on with all the support services on offer from the free members pages, to the webinars and SEJ group, until YOU get it and see the change in health and wellbeing as a real experience in your life.

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