Workload: do we have too much to do?

 "… during difficult life situations you are given the opportunity again to review self and life, to let go of what does not enhance your world through the experience of the opposite.”


Jacqueline Mary Phillips


In a recent NUT article they said:


 ”Teacher workload is at unprecedented levels. The most recent DfE teacher workload survey showed teachers working on average 54.4 hours a week. We are losing far too many good teachers. An exhausted, dispirited teacher is not what children or parents want or deserve.”


Does that fit for you? Hopefully not. Does it apply to ALL education establishments? I also hear from colleagues ‘oh so and so doesn’t seem to have the same work load as me’; ‘I am working far more than such and such but I don't get recognition…’; ‘I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do.’ And so on and so on….


How did the SEJ help me with these same thoughts?


One of the key reasons I embarked on my own SEJ was because I became aware of similar thoughts and my health and wellbeing started to suffer. I was diagnosed with Hypertension and I said enough is enough. Why would I wish to carry on the way I was living, or more accurately, why should these limiting thoughts stop me from living a healthy fulfilled life?


Once I started on the SEJ I realised it was not the actual workload per se but my own thoughts about the work and the unrealistic (for they are not real) expectations I placed upon ‘myself’. It also gave me a huge opportunity to reflect and review my work/life balance and even to consider if the career I have chosen was right for me. I also saw clearly that everyone was doing the best they could and no matter what I tried I was not going to create more than 24 hours in a day!!


It took me a health scare to shake me up but I am glad it did. Maybe if you ARE feeling tired and overwhelmed and this is constantly affecting all other areas of your life, this could be your opportunity to review your life. Maybe this is LIFE knocking on your door asking ‘is this what you really want of life?’


Dr Mariko Howard-Kishi




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