True love v. being in love


 When you love someone, you want them to do with their life whatever brings them joy. When you believe yourself to be 'in love' with someone, you want them to do whatever will bring you joy.


You see when we are in alignment with our True Self, the deeper dimension within, that finds expression through your mental, emotional and physical bodies (the mechanics of your being). We can only express love, in other words we can only express our True Selves in all we think, say, feel and do. this is so beautiful. And yet when we believe ourselves to be in love it is in truth a need that comes from the false self, a need that is created through limiting beliefs such as:


1. I need to be loved

2. I can't be on my own

3. I'm no good on my own

4. I'm don't like being on my own

5. I am lonely without a partner

6. I need you to acknowledge me, validate my existence

7. I need you to give me love


The list goes on, and I am sure if you take a look you will find your own limiting beliefs to add to this list. So of course we look for a partner to fulfil this list. It is an unconscious desire that is sent forth, and unbeknown to your partner (and you, until consciously seen) you are forever looking for them to meet these requirements. If you take a look at your disagreements, it will be because your partner is not doing what is required for your happiness. When you practice the SEJ process, you will move back to love, True Love, and in so doing you will be free of all the limitations you place on your partner, and also the ones you partner places on you. 


Love Jacqueline x



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