Are you trapped by your own creations?


You are not that which is created,


You are that which is un-created,


You are pure potential unlimited in nature.


And yet your attention is on that which is created, and the creation is what traps and limits you.


Here the created is your body, your mind, your emotions; and your actions are also created, created from your attention being on body, mind and emotions; for when you believe yourself to be the body, mind and emotions you act (repetitive action) according to their combined impulses. If you will, these lower 3 bodies join forces to convince you that a thought is true, for how can it not be if your emotions and body are reacting according to the thought believed? It’s all very convincing isn’t it, and indeed feels very real. But it isn’t, a thought is only real (for you), if believed, until that moment it is simply a thought (memory) triggered by stimuli.


So, you see you are trapped by the very creative energy that you are in truth. How might I say this in a simpler way? Imagine you have designed and built your own house, each room is a representation of a different part of your personality, and these personalities are created through the beliefs taken from past experiences – memory. So, we are saying that your house and every room is built upon memory. When you stay in your house, visiting each room repeatedly you forget you built it, that you were the creator based on memory. Once the forgetting happens you are lost, you believe yourself to be the house and everything in it is a story of you.


When you sit in meditation and seek to know yourSELF you will discover the silence behind thought, and the reactive bodies giving you the story of you and your life. You will delve deeper into the silence, into the awareness of your unlimited potential as the creator, observing that which has been created but no longer trapped within it. You will know yourself as life and life will know itself as you and the two will no longer be separate, everything will fall into itself, a collapsing of what you believed to be true and a realisation that all is truth, just that some of it is a limited version and not  the limitless vision of self that you can be.


When you practice the SEJ process you begin to find freedom from the ‘house’ you built and venture once again into Truth and your unlimited SELF, infinite in nature with endless possibilities. This is the SELF Empowerment Journey, the journey of a lifetime.


Love Jacqueline x

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