Do you talk too much?


Do you talk too much? Do you take unnecessary action?


These two aspects of life talking and acting, enable us to interact with the world around us; however, they can also cause us to miss opportunities, to feel drained and overwhelmed.


I have found that for me, I speak very little, indeed I speak mostly when at work, teaching, driven by the True Self to communicate truth. And the rest of the time speaking happens when there is an impulse within me to do so, many people however speak incessantly; because they are receiving life through the mind and not through being present with what is. When a person is engaged with their mind, they are filled with information relevant to the moment and will have a great urge to speak it.


This of course is very different from the impulse one feels to speak and engage with life when fully present. When you speak through an urge to do so you are missing what life has to offer you in the moment, indeed you are missing life. Opportunities pass you by as you give a voice to a mind that knows all there is to know on the subject at hand, or feels the need to justify, defend or attack because your ‘files’ (limiting beliefs) have been activated.


When a person listens to and gives a voice to the egoic urge to speak, they also act from this place. Such action leaves a person feeling drained and if continued overwhelmed. Their actions are based on memory and attention is focused in the wrong direction, away from the present and into the past.


When you live from the True Self you speak as inspired, you are still even when you are active, you are filled with life and your energy is endless. So, if you are tired and too busy take a moment to look at why you are speaking and taking action that splits your energy – is there any real purpose to your speaking and action? What are the thoughts in your head that justify your actions? Can you question them? Are you willing to question them, or do you simply believe them?


When living from the True Self it does not mean that you sit and do nothing, on the contrary the opposite is true. When you live from the True Self your actions are plentiful, your communication is reduced but more effective. Your life is full,  full of purpose and meaning. You rest only as inspired and equally not seek to rest as you did previously, conditioned by your ‘working and restful hours’, for even when you are amidst a ‘full’ day you feel rested because you are not losing energy. For all your energy is directed in the right direction, one that causes you to feel alive and exhilarated by life.


If you observe children they act and speak as one who is alive, fully present, fully engaged with life; and yet many adults act and speak as if they are already dead, dead to the moment, dead inside. Where did the life within them go? When you practice the SEJ you come back into alignment with life, no longer working against the life that you are and the life that presents itself to you moment to moment. Isn’t it time to live again?


Love Jacqueline x

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