Some thoughts are like glue

Some thoughts are like glue, they just stick to you and with you, every time the outside stimuli triggers that memory, a thought believed you are hooked. Believing the thought that feels so real because your emotional body tells you this is so, 'this is truth, look at how I feel'. And yet you only feel that way because of a thought that you believe.


Thoughts alone do not trigger the emotional body, there are vast amounts of thoughts you have every day which have no impact upon your emotions, the physical body or actions. These thoughts do not grab your attention, you simply let them go and so they do not impact your behaviour or choices.


So which thoughts do impact upon your system, and why?


The thoughts that you believe, it really is that simple.


Once you identify with a thought you say this is me, my life, my life situation and the story unfolds within your mind, body, emotions and actions. So how do you not believe a thought? Firstly, you must be with the thought and question it, just sitting and allowing the thought space to reveal a deeper truth within you, to be open to your thoughts not being true (even though you believe they are).


If I may share with you a story here. Many years ago, I was believing a thought about myself; it was a thought that had triggered great emotional distress within me, repeatedly over the years. It caused me to avoid situations, and if I couldn’t I would just try and get through them, feeling deeply unhappy and waiting for the moment to pass. Of course, this meant that I was not living to my full potential, and even afraid to live at all. Eventually I would hide away and avoid life, avoid the stimuli.


Many people do this, their world becomes small and filled with fear, always waiting for something to change or someone to fix them, but this will never happen unless you take personal responsibility for what is happening inside of you. For what is happening within you can only be fixed by you! Relief might be experienced in sharing your problems with another, but it will not solve the problem. If the problem is within you, and more so, of your own making, then the solution is within you also.


One day I shared my fears with my husband as I had done on many occasions previously, but this time I listened to his response, when in the past I had considered he could not appreciate nor fully understand how difficult this was for me. And here was the answer he gave, and not for the first time, but this time I heard him; ‘just let it go’.


A deep realisation, yes ‘let it go’, instead of ‘he just doesn’t get it’. Doing the SEJ on that thought meant he did get it! What a realisation, ‘just let it go’.  The fearful thought could only stay if invited and I was the one doing the inviting.


I came to see that if my other thoughts were not consuming me like this one, because I had not grabbed hold of them, then I must not grab hold of this thought. I must not identify with it as me. And if I did grab hold of it, I could also let it go if it wasn’t true of me. Because of course it was not true of me, it just felt true. I was hooked in every time the thought came, I believed it was me, because it had been my experience of me. Do you follow?


Can you follow this with a thought that you believe so completely about yourself? Can you be open to the truth that it is as simple as letting it go? If not question the thoughts that prevent you from being open to this truth. They may be thoughts like my own, ‘It’s not that simple for me’, ‘you don’t understand’. I have lost count of the number of students and clients that I have seen over the years, that always present with ‘ yes I understand what you are saying, but it’s different for me’. 


Every thought is up for questioning. If you grabbed hold of a thought you are the one to let it go.


Love Jacqueline Mary x

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