Sponsor a School

The SEJ since its introduction into education, has been used to support children, young adults, teachers, lecturers and support staff in dealing with mental health issues. Concerns in the classroom with bullying, concentration, attainment and general wellbeing, to name just a few, have been successfully addressed using the SEJ process. When children learn the SEJ they have the life skills to remain happy, they are our business leaders, employees, innovators of tomorrow.

The sponsored school will receive an Educational Members Package like your own Corporate Package, directed at combating the uphill struggle of mental health concerns in schools. See our Education pages for additional information including more educators testimonials.

Speak to your Area Representative today about sponsoring a school. Or contact our business department.


Not got a business membership?

Did you know that you can sponsor a school or educational setting even if you don't have a business membership. To find out more email us today. Education@selfempowermentfoundation.co.uk


Educator Testimonial


…an amazing, valuable and essential resource in supporting us with vulnerable pupils and enabling us to provide early intervention…, has enabled pupils to develop strategies and resilience to cope with issues that are causing anxiety in their emotional lives.

Primary School SENDCo