Are you struggling to get into the 'zone' with your game? Then learning the SEJ can transform your game.


The following testimonials tell the truth of the SEJ and if your inspired contact me and book your consultation.


Testimonials from the Mark Butler Golf Academy Professionals and Trainers


“Since working with Jacqueline I’m so much more relaxed when I play, the worry of winning or losing has gone, I have found the more I am in the moment the more I win”.     Mark Butler Golf Pro



“Working with Jacqueline has entirely changed my perception of the game. A solid mind is just as important as a solid swing, perhaps even more so. Her relaxed approach and ability to make the most complicated things seem simple helps conquer those demons that we all have on the course. I’m striking the best and shooting the lowest that I ever have. And most importantly I’m now enjoying playing".


Adam Robinson Golf Pro