Study Group


The Study Group is run weekly at the most beautiful cabin location in the countryside, a place conducive of learning and Self exploration.  Equally you can join via the internet if you live a distance away or travel with work.


What can this group offer you?


This group is where you come to explore the True Self, to leave behind the trimmings of a material world and re-connect to your inner truth.  The group will offer you the opportunity to change your life, so whether it's from depression to happiness, lack of money to abundance, or troublesome relationships to peace and harmony, this group will show you how you have the power within you to change your life forever.


Its a closed group, so you stay in the same group dynamic and therefore grow in confidence, supported by each other. Each week includes discussion, interaction and practical application.  You will be supported by myself, Jacqueline as the SEJ Consultant for this group, and by others in the group who have been active in Self exploration for a while.


The outcome will be one that is literally life changing. That which is false and fear based in your life will simply fall away, so that you can live a life of joy and bliss, flowing and one with life.


Fees and your commitment


There are no upfront course fees you simply pay each week, although we do request a commitment to attendance. Thank you. Want to know more? Contact me and ask.



Fee £15.00 per session.