"Its simplicity and effectiveness in the moment is the key to success."


"When used with others they never know they've been SEJ'd, they just feel heard and helped."


"When you have learnt the SEJ and you used it to help a situation / person the outcome is always positive. A 'win-win' is always possible."


"It's a great gift I have given to myself and through the SEJ I have given to others".


"The SEJ was for me the journey of a lifetime, it truly changed my life forever, thank you."


"The SEJ takes you away from fear, drama and self hate into a place of simple straight forward personal problem solving. The only scary / difficult thing is that it is so simple. From a world of negativity, darkness, and hate, repeating bad behaviours and pain, you can and will change your lfie forever."


Testimonials from the Mark Butler Golf Academy Professionals and Trainers


“Since working with Jacqueline I’m so much more relaxed when I play, the worry of winning or losing has gone, I have found the more I am in the moment the more I win”.     Mark Butler Golf Pro



“Working with Jacqueline has entirely changed my perception of the game. A solid mind is just as important as a solid swing, perhaps even more so. Her relaxed approach and ability to make the most complicated things seem simple helps conquer those demons that we all have on the course. I’m striking the best and shooting the lowest that I ever have. And most importantly I’m now enjoying playing".


Adam Robinson Golf Pro


"I am in service to you to share my own experience of my Journey in Self Empowerment, and how tapping into the 'Heart Centred approach' in all that I do at work and home have brought profound and meaningful relationships in ALL areas of my life, including with own SELF... to show you how changing the way I approach teaching has brought much more to the classroom than I have ever imagined, including my own Empowerment."


"As the title states, you will begin a journey towards self empowerment. Anyone and everyone can learn how to use the SEJ. Once learnt, you can apply it in your home or in your profession.

There are three levels to the SEJ:

1. Learn how to use this simple tool for your own personal development

2. Take the SEJ into your business / profession to help others in your company / your clients / customers.

3. Teach the SEJ"