The SEJ in Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students, teachers, parents / carers to realise the true self beyond the mind, to bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment; which in turn allows access to the intuitive and heart-centred self. This naturally paves the way to a heart-centred approach to life where individuals are free of fear, demonstrated through their ability to respond to life situations rather than react, showing compassion and care for the well-being of themselves, others and our planet. The SEJ offers effective and life enhancing solutions to the problems adults and children face by restoring them to their true nature, bringing forth empowerment for all.

Our Vision

Through using the SEJ process individuals are able to access a deeper truth relative to the present moment, the spiritual dimension within that lays dormant within each of us until activated. The SEJ process starts this activation and a journey to self-empowerment that is unique to the individual. Our vision is to provide this process to all, to make it as accessible and as easy to use as possible, to provide ongoing support as it continues to reach out to people of all ages and all walks of life, whether in classrooms, offices, or at home; so all can live to reach their full potential, empowered, free of fear and limitless.

Our simple, easy to use SEJ process provides immediate benefit and results in the moment. It has been used successfully within schools and universities, businesses, organisations, and healthcare. As the SEJ is non-religious in nature it is widely accepted and used by all faiths and religions. We have a diverse community of SEJers that practise varying faiths, and come from all walks of life, each have found the SEJ to be a wonderful tool in support of their beliefs, careers and personal situations. We seek to expand these SEJ communities as one by one we wake up to the need to create change in the way we manage ourselves and life, bringing forth heart-centred and intuitive solutions to life's problems; with the results bringing forth cohesion and a win-win for all.