Self Empowerment Journey - SEJ Training

What will I discover during the training? 

1. An easy to use, life changing process that you can use any time, anywhere to bring forth your SELF Empowerment

2. An understanding of the mind, body, emotion and spirit link

3. An awareness of why you react to life rather than respond - an obstacle to being SELF Empowered.

4. Your unique belief system that prevents you from living in the present, and repeating dis-empowering behaviours

5. SELF Empowerment - your natural intuitive self.

6. The unique SEJ approach to questioning the mind and being able to accept the present moment with an open heart and mind

7. The end of suffering, addressing mental and emotional wellbeing

8. How to live joyfully with purpose and direction.

During the training you will gain an understanding of the SEJ process to use on self and within your life. Your life will become more joyful as you overcome difficulties in all areas of your life, relationships will become easier and your life will run smoother. You will gain a deep understanding and awareness of the power within you to create lasting change and to live with purpose and direction.

Your only role in this process, to ensure its success, is to do the SEJ. And it's easy once you have decided to take the step to create change and take full responsibility for doing so.


What are my training options?

SEJ Development Webinar - attend a free webinar to ask questions and find out more about the SEJ Process before you start training.


SEJ Online Training - Giving you the flexibility to do the full training to suit your time and budget. 

SEJ Introductory Workshop - Live training event to learn the SEJ, includes access to the online training

SEJ Advanced Workshop - A 2 day event for those looking to deepen their SEJ experience and practice

SEJ Development Workshop - A monthly live event to overview the practices and principles of the SEJ

How long will training take?

Depending upon which of the above options you choose, anything from just 4 hours to one day to learn the SEJ Process.

Is there any after training support?


Yes, to ensure your continued use of the SEJ and full understanding of its application, we offer weekly SEJ Development Webinars and monthly SEJ Development Workshops hosted by Jacqueline. We also provide access to our free online communities where you will be able to gain additional support, news and updates.

Additional Support is offered through joining as a member.

Bespoke Services

For those in Education or Business you can request a free presentation where our Area Representative will be happy to discuss your requirements.


If you would like a personal consultation you can book a consultation or join the mentoring service.

How can I stay updated with SEJ events?

If you would like to keep updated with up and coming events please contact us to join the mailing list. Thank you.